“On his debut album, Joe Steven delivers a suit of heartfelt songs that will elevate your soul to inspiring heights.”




Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Pianist, Producer & Global Humanitarian 

“My mission as a songwriter has always been to write songs with heartfelt messages about love that can bring hope and inspiration to others.” – Joe Steven

Originally from Texas, Joe Steven was captivated by the piano from age eight. In his early teens he gravitated to guitar and played in rock bands, and after discovering the keyboard synthesizer in middle school, began penning his own songs. Adding trumpet, French horn and percussion to his repertoire of instruments, he studied classical music while being deeply influenced by eighties and nineties rock-pop music. “Every day after school I would go home and record my music on an old school cassette player. Soon after, I was able to make demo CD’s of my music with an analog mixing board. Now looking back, music was my great escape — it transported me to a world where anything was possible,” he recalls of his teen years.

Intensely goal oriented, Joe Steven invested funds from his collegiate years to purchase musical instruments and recording gear. In his well- appointed project studio, he arranged and tracked the instruments on Relentless Love, then headed to Sound of Rain Studios to add vocals. Expanded from what was originally a five song EP, Joe Steven worked on the project with recording engineer/producer Charlie Vela and Grammy® Award-winning mastering engineers Randy Merrill and the late Tom Coyne at SterlingSound Mastering in New York to polish the sounds with a sparkling sonic sheen, bringing the amplified songs to life.

Since Joe Steven grew up with classical music, his arrangements reveal deep cinematic colors. “I use the orchestra to add emotional depth,” he says, “These beautiful and timeless sounds allow me to freely express myself.” The album features international award-winning concert violinist Esther Abrami, who delivers a timeless solo performance on “The Promise,” along with Cristina Suey, a rising star cellist from Spain also performing on “Once in a Lifetime.

With Relentless Love, Joe Steven says that his goal is to be authentic as a creator. “I realized a long time ago that it’s not about me,” he concludes, “it’s about helping other people. Love, hope and the triumph of the human spirit — these are the touchstones to describe my music. I will always believe that music has to ability to speak through language barriers and transcend logic by directly touching the heart and soul.”

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